Who is MG? Well first let's start with who is DJ? I'm currently located in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. I've been producing music for 15+ years. I'm engaged to my soul mate (10 years), and we have 3 dogs. If I didn't make music, I would of been a pro skateboarder or digital artist.

Some people call me "MG The Wizard" - @Macho  / "MG The ManyFacedGod" - @VerbalArteest / "MG The Wolf God" - @GameRey45

I'm originally from New Jersey, before relocating around 1995. That's where my passion for music was born. Somewhere between watching my dad blend house records (A notable DJ himself), and running into many Newark based stars at the time (Naughty By Nature, The Fugees, Whitney Houston, Martin Lawrence, etc) ... I knew I would some how impact the world through entertainment too. 

I've won various beat battles online and locally. The most notable one "Making The Next Hit (2007)" , was hosted by Busy Bee and Lil' Wayne. That led me to Atlanta later that year, where I re- connected with my uncles (Neal Pogue, Grammy Award Winning Engineer) and Chad Vocal (Rapper, Director). I've leveraged these experiences to sell beats on Soundclick, Myspace, and various sites over the years (Since 2002). I even connected with award winning song-writers such as Nicole Wray (Make it Hot) & The Ambassador (PCD, Mary J).

I've produced, mixed, and mastered for local acts as well over the years. But I'm currently focused on producing for myself during this chapter. I'll be releasing new content regularly, so be sure to subscribe to my mailing-list to stay up to date!


My whole production life has been centered around reverse engineering my favorite sounds. So it's no surprise that I eventually found myself doing this for various music software companies. My biggest project was the Maschine 2.0 Library demo "Final Stage". Followed by "Tatted Dragons" for their Magnate Hustle Maschine expansion. Both of which are demo projects available to any Maschine 2.0 owner. My most frequent projects have been for UVI Workstation, the makers of MOTU MachFive. All of these experiences have pushed me into creating my own packs and sounds for others. 

MG The Teacher

I did my first tutorial back in 9th grade on a VHS recorder for Geometry class. I believe it was about Information technology systems and routers. I remember how nerve wrecking that experience was. But to my surprise, most of the students in my class were shocked by my level of awareness and detail. I still try to grow from that experience to this day. 

I currently teach regularly on my own youtube channel. I'm currently at 8K subscribers since October 2017. I also have a "pack of wolves" that I'm personally mentoring as well. Be sure to subscribe if you come across it!