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Perfectly Captured Single Shots From The Super Producer Era! Available Now. Limited Time Sale. 

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Today's modern R&B has been greatly shaped by Trap & Lo-Fi elements. It's been a challenge to find kits that include the best of both worlds. "6lackout" keeps that in mind, and provides you with the tools you need to make your own 6lack, Drake, Weekend, or Bryson tiller type vibes - all in one pack.

This pack includes several folders:

Drums - 40 single shots divided by kick, snare, cymbal, and percussion

Chord Loops - 6 Sample Starters, that you can Serato & Half-Time or Reverse to get you in the "6lack" pocket

Midi Progressions - 6 known good chord progressions that you can easily expand and flip with tools such as Ezkeys or Scaler. Or simply drag and drop to your favorite VST channel.

Drum Loops - 6 Trap & B inspired loops to serve as a backbone to your own tracks, with included midi files to help you explore these rhythms further.

Bonus Sounds - 808s, Risers, and FX to help round out the kit, and to give you the key ingredients you need to create your own vibe.

67 WAV & 30 MIDI Files included.

37MB Unpacked.

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Lo-Fi Drip is a collection of 15 WAV / MIDI chord progressions, inspired by R&B and Soul.

The WAV files contain Key & BPM information, and processed with lofi gear to help you catch a vibe. You can create variations and new ideas with the provided midi files. A bonus folder of drum loops are included to provide context for lofi hip hop drum programming. With so much sauce, so there's gotta be a drip ...

Included: - 15 WAV Loops (BPM & KEY) - 15 MIDI Files - 5 Bonus Drum Loops - 1 Demo Track by MGTF

73MB unpacked.

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VA LEGENDS is a drum kit inspired by Timbaland, The Neptunes, & Missy Elliot. Crafted to capture the essence of the "super producer" era, with ground breaking kicks, snappy snares, and ethnic percussions. Over 130 sounds included!

This drum kit contains many single shots for you to get inspired by! You can make your own futuristic beats, add bounce to some lo fi, or simply bring new life to the vintage vibes of VA Legends.

This Kit Contains 130+ Files (~180MB): - 10 CLAPS - 10 CYMBALS - 20 HATS - 20 KICKS - 30 PERCS - 25 SNARES - 12 VOX

  • 2 Demo Songs
  • 20 BONUS Samples (For Educational Use)
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In this video I talk about Tracklib & Plugin Boutique's Radio. A lot of Major Key Alerts here ....for sample based producers.